Monday, April 27, 2009

Excellent Business Practices, Specs in the City!

I received a phone call stating my prescription sunglasses were ready to be picked up yesterday. Boy, was I excited. So I called them back today curious as to what my total was going to be. Apparently the 2 weeks that has passed between when I ordered them and today was not adequate enough to calculate a sub-total, Mario said he would have to call me back.

Before I go further the "ballpark" figure I was quoted was $142 and some change. Expensive, but worth it if you wear glasses and you know how convenient prescription sunglasses can be.

Mario calls me back and says in his thick Russian accent there was a "mix up", and he's going to "give them to me" for $275. I laughed and told him that's twice the original quote. He said this was a "big mistake". I replied: "Not mine", and hung up.