Friday, July 10, 2009

A Great Show for Dick Riders to Watch Other Dick Riders Ride Dick

1. Dick Rider
one who uses the male penis of another as a mode of transportation willfully to gain social or financial status with no regard of self integrity or how they are perceived by others

This is a very touchy subject for me, mainly because I'm so against it. Dick Riding is something that is hard to grasp for some, and harder to explain to others. When your a dude who's hanging with the same bro, laughing at his jokes a little too hard, slapping him on the back too much, calling him all the time, dressing like him, living vicariously through this person, basically. You're a Dick Rider(DR or DR's from here on out).

All you DR's need to get a grip and be your own person! Look inside yourself, hop down feller and live your life that your missing because you are saddling so hard! Think of all the adventures your not creating by riding so tough.

Which brings me to Entourage. Are you people serious about this shit? A bunch of douche bags side saddling an even bigger ones nuts. This show is on like 5,6 seasons? Of what? A small herd of Troglodytes hanging out? The characters are nothing, literally no thematic elements to them whatsoever. Turtle is the stupid douche bag, tall Affleck or whatever is the over confident douche bag, other dude the sensitive faggy douche, Jeremy Piven does his regular half assed coked up agent shtick and can't forget Adrian Grier or whoever as completely vapid douche.

Entourage sucks. Worst "water cooler" show of my lifetime. Five faggots hanging out, whoop tee fucking do.