Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't Start None, Won't Be None

You cried over my use of the word predilection towards you and it was amazing. You were an exemplary representation of the continual onslaught I choose to endure daily. An onslaught of grotesquely out of shape/way too over the top fit sociopathic, self indulgent clods, who are perpetually schocked the world was not 100% calibrated to them that morning. For one second I just couldn't handle the ten millionth cat lady that reeks of feline piss telling me how to cram their disgusting assortment of frozen foods (its always all frozen foods, all the time) into her bag. Its a 6 sided, 3 dimensional, geometric shape, with one open side. Not a special macrame happiness machine that requires several undulations of your Jabba-esque face to unlock your joy beams for that day.

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