Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hate to say...

As it seems now the national health care plan is dead. The corporate vultures circled the near dead horse, patient as they are wealthy. Knowing all the while their caws would eventually drone out any priority that mattered, and they got their wish. They devour the entrails of public opinion and still the surprise. 70% of people in polls said they supported the plan. As usual, the religious conservative bleated loudest of all over the notion of their money being used perhaps, at some point, for an abortion. Here's a list of the things that taxes pay for that I have yet to hear the "Religious Right" complain about: The Army, The Navy, The Air Force, The Marines, bombs, planes that drop said bombs, secret prisons overseas, prisons in our own country ( the U.S. imprisons more of its own citizens than any country in the world), weapon development for use on U.S. citizens, any of the numerous bailouts, the war on drugs, puppet governments,the billions in military equipment we give Israel every year, coups. When these rich, religious douchebags turn on the knife comes, I will be first in line.
I could obviously drone on and on, and I'm not saying everything I listed was bad. All of those things are enormous money pits yet go unmentioned every single "news day". 4,331 soldiers have given their lives for nothing. For a giant, banker driven machine intent on nothing but oblivion. Obama is a puppet, just like all the puppets before him. I love the sullen faces of those that stood by braying like animals now that you have truly realized a black wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf in sheep's clothing. You chortled like drunks with bellies full of fine food about how much "CHANGE" was coming. America is a corporation, we all work for it. If you don't believe me, research what 90% of Obama's cabinet did for a living previous to him. The governement serves you in no way, shape, or form. We all live in the belly of the beast, and stomach acid is the choice of this generation. Bottoms up.